If you’ve ever wondered what questions are on your fellow adventurers’ minds, here’s a handy list (along with the answers). Got a specific question that’s not listed here? Feel free to call us at 1-800-648-4874 or email us at info@hellgate.com!

What do I wear?

Between May and September when the weather is cooler, we suggest dressing warmly or in layers. It’s usually cooler in the morning as well as on the return from the dinner trip.

During the warmer months (aka. June through mid-September), you might want to switch to shorts, T-shirts, and sandals—ideally, clothes that dry quickly. Bring along a bottle of water, a hat, sunglasses, and sunscreen. Be prepared to get wet and dress comfortably!

If you have an extended car ride planned afterward, you might want to bring an extra set of clothes just in case.

Since we’re not technically taking you swimming, shoes and shirts are required on all trips. If you plan to visit the River Lodge restaurant, you’ll need actual clothing (as in... not a bathing suit).


Sunglasses: Every year, hundreds of Hellgaters involuntarily sacrifice their sunglasses to the Rogue River. Wear eyewear retainers, especially on your prescriptions or new designer shades.

Hats: Don’t leave home without one—and don’t leave it in the Rogue River. Hat retainers work….usually.

Identification, cash, and credit card: Have them handy! You’ll need them for jetboat pilot and River Lodge gratuities, and if you plan on having beer and wine (at the River Lodge or the riverside restaurant on the White Water excursion).

Electronic devices: It may be tempting to bring a camera or binoculars. Actually, it’s super tempting. But the thing is, our trips tend to involve large amounts of water. That’s why whatever you bring is at your own risk and Hellgate can’t be responsible for damage to any electronic equipment you bring including cell phones and other water-sensitive items such as hearing aids and electronic ignition keys.

Food, beverages, and other stuff: Smoking and alcohol aren’t allowed in line, on the jetboats, and at the loading dock. And we love a refreshing beer as much as the next super-cool jetboat company, so we ask that if you want to unwind with a drink, you order it at the River Lodge.

Other safety hazards: glass containers, coolers, ice chests, and water guns. (Yes, people have tried bringing these before.) Leave them behind if you can!

We also suggest securing items like the ones below in the trunk of your locked vehicle.

  • Cell phones (cellular reception on the river is limited anyway)
  • Camera equipment that costs more than a Prius
  • Concealed weapons—just, please no
  • Electronic key ignitions (bring a valet key)
  • Leather handbags or satchels

Other FAQs

  • How far in advance do I need to make a reservation?expand_more

    We strongly suggest that you make reservations! So, it’s best that you call 541 479-7204 or book HERE as soon as you have a date in mind.
    Peak season times tend to be in July, August and on holiday weekends.

  • How would you describe a Hellgate jetboat excursion ride?expand_more

    Our trips are best described as part scenic, part amusement. All our fully-narrated trips feature the legendary Hellgate Canyon and thrilling maneuvers like our famous 360s and bow dunks.

    It’s not just all fun and adrenaline though—your knowledgeable boat pilot will also slow things down to tell you about geological and historical points of interest, point out indigenous wildlife, and provide extraordinary photo opportunities.

    Bring the whole family and be prepared to take in the majestic scenery, learn a little about the wild and scenic Rogue River, and get wet!

  • What’s the cancellation policy?expand_more

    Non-Refundable Tickets

    • All non-refundable tickets are prepaid and are 100% non-refundable except as provided below.
    • 72-Hour Cancellation. The purchaser may request a cancellation and 100% refund of the ticket price up to 72-hours from the time of ticket purchase. Refunds will be credited back in the original form of payment.
    • Trip Changes. The date/time/excursion type may be changed within a season, but any resulting price changes will be charged to purchaser (in the event of greater ticket value) or forfeited by purchaser (in the event of lesser ticket value). Any additional charges will be charged to the original form of payment.

    Trip Protection
    Trip Protection is available for purchase

    • Refundable tickets are prepaid and incur an additional charge (“Trip Protection”). The Trip Protection charge is 100% non-refundable.
    • Cancellation. The purchaser may request a cancellation and 100% refund of the ticket price up to 12 hours prior to trip departure. Refunds will be credited back in the original form of payment. The Trip Protection charge will not be refunded.
    • Trip Changes. The date/time/excursion type may be changed up to 12 hours prior to trip departure, but any resulting price changes will be charged to purchaser (in the event of a greater ticket value) or refunded to purchaser (in the event of lesser ticket value). Any additional charges or refunds will be charged/refunded to the original form of payment. The Trip Protection charge will not be credited toward any additional charges or otherwise refunded to purchaser.
  • What forms of payment do you accept?expand_more

    Almost all of them! Cash, American Express, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, personal checks, and travelers checks are gladly accepted. Just provide identification with your payment when you’re checking in.

  • Can I reserve the front seat on the boat?expand_more

    Sorry, all seating is first come, first served. For safety, young children also aren’t allowed to sit in the first few rows of the boat.

  • How does seating work?expand_more

    Our top priorities are: making sure everyone gets a seat, keeping families and parties seated together, and maintaining a safe passenger capacity. Safety is number one, so very small children won’t be seated in the first two rows and side seats. Because of these reasons, we reserve the right to designate seating whenever it’s needed—please follow the directions of your specially trained Hellgate pilot!

  • How do I make a reservation?expand_more

    Book your reservation online or call us toll free at 1-800-648-4874. Be ready with your contact information, group size (number of adults, children (ages 0-11), and infants) along with a Visa, MasterCard, Discover, or American Express card to book.

  • When is jetboat season?expand_more

    May 1st to September 22nd, depending on water levels. Our gift shop is open year-round because fortunately, it’s not affected by the weather.

  • Are there any age restrictions for children?expand_more

    Nope! But here are a few useful tips:

    • We don’t recommend children under 3 years old on our White Water excursion because of the length of the trip. Infants aren’t allowed on this trip.
    • For trips including meals, bring your toddlers a coloring book and crayons or other favorite diversions to keep them busy/happy during the meal.
    • If you’d like your toddler to wear a lifejacket on the boat, we suggest bringing your toddler's life jacket from home for fit, comfort, and familiarity.
    • Infants must be held by an adult! (We highly suggest a front-pack or wearable carrier.) Car seats and carriers aren’t permitted on the boats.
    • During July and August, temperatures are in the high 90s to low 100s—not particularly comfy for infants.
    • Parents know their children best but if you have any questions, feel free to contact our office! There are plenty of moms and dads here with personal experience to help you decide what will work for your little one.
  • Can you board our pets while we go on the jetboat?expand_more

    Hellgate doesn’t have pet facilities, but we do recommend contacting Home Away From Home Pet Spa at (541) 471-8775 or Slate Creek Doggy Daycare at (541) 476-7485. (You can also email Slate Creek at doggyday@uci.net.

  • Can seniors come along for the ride?expand_more

    The jetboat ride is pretty powerful and may not be for everyone. When you’re on a jetboat, you’ll be exposed to outdoor elements, forces from the jetboat’s spins, speeds, and other intense features that may cause distress or injury if you’re pregnant or have pre-existing health conditions. These include high blood pressure, motion sickness, heart / neck / back problems, recent surgery or any other medical condition that might be aggravated by this ride. As much as we’d like to have all of you on these boats, we’d recommend not going on the ride if any of these apply to you.

  • Can I bring a wheelchair on the boat?expand_more

    Yes, we can secure the folded chair to the boat railing during your trip. (For safety reasons, you may not sit in a wheelchair while the boat is moving.) If you’re taking the 2-hour Quick and Scenic trip, we suggest leaving the chair at the boat docks.

    Powered wheelchairs may not go on the boats because of the weight and water conditions, but we may be able to lend you one of our wheelchairs based upon availability and store your powered chair in our office for safekeeping.

    All guests, including those who use wheelchairs, must be able to get into and out of the boat by themselves or with the help of someone from their group.

    The Hellgate office, loading docks, and the River Lodge restaurant are all wheelchair-accessible!

  • Will I have to wear a life-jacket?expand_more

    Only if you’re going on the Whitewater Excursions! Life-jackets aren’t mandatory on our scenic, dinner, lunch or brunch trips. We do provide life-jackets at the boarding dock upon request and each boat is equipped with enough emergency life-jackets.

  • Do I need ID at the River Lodge?expand_more

    Yep. The Oregon Liquor Control Commission requires everyone 26 and under to show ID before consuming any alcohol.

  • How early should we arrive to check in?expand_more

    Ideally, about 30 minutes before your trip. This gives us time to check everyone in and direct you to your designated loading dock. Some trips include up to six boats, which takes about 30 minutes to load. For example, on a 4:15 dinner excursion, we start loading right at 4:15 and usually finish loading the last boat by 4:45.

    Some guests like to arrive early to grab a good seat. Normally, this is a great strategy but in this situation, you might be spending a long time in line when you factor in how long it takes to load all vessels.