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Stay tuned to meet the newest additions to the team! Joel H, John, LJ, Brandon, Joe & Joel G


I have enjoyed the Rogue River for over six years as a pilot with Hellgate. With a degree in Fisheries and Wildlife Management from OSU, I enjoy putting my skills to use on the Rogue River, offering fun and educational facts. I was born and raised in a small fishing community in Alaska, and therefore enjoy most anything related to boating or fishing.

During the off season, I enjoy spending time with my wonderful wife and energetic baby girls; golfing, cheering for the Beavers and Seahawks, and coaching basketball, among other things. My favorite part about being a pilot is seeing the reaction of first time Hellgate passengers and the smiles we put on their faces. Hellgate is a great way to spend time with your family and make a long lasting memory, and I enjoy knowing that I can create that experience for them.

Suggestions I have for passengers: Bring a coat and a carefree attitude. Hope to see you soon!


I've been employed with Hellgate for 24 years and I'm anxiously awaiting season #25! For the first 13 years, you would have found me piloting our Whitewater trips. Nowadays, you'll find me either on the Chinook or our newest boat, the Miss Grants Pass. I'm proud to say I was hands on during the building process of the big Miss GP!

In the off-season I enjoy fabricating, spending time with my two kids, J.J. and my daughter Kailei (she's the Hawaiian flower of the family). Quite often you'll find us at the Oregon Coast riding the sand dunes. I also enjoy cutting wood, martini’s, wrestling wild boar, and 4x4ing. What's enjoyable to me is seeing the joy and excitement on our guests' faces.

If you've never been down the river with us, shame on you! If you have, make sure and come see us again. Take care and have a great summer!


Yee Paw,
I've been piloting for about eight years. You'll see me on the Blue Heron or the Osprey II. In fact, Johnny & I were part of the team that hand built the Blue Heron six years ago in a short three and a half month turnaround to be ready for the water. What I like most about being a pilot is I get to show all you folks the beautiful river I grew up on as well as share some of my family river stories.

During the off-season, I become a timber faller, cutting timber all over the Northwest. I’ll be mainly cutting for helicopters, which means long walks and steep ground. Needless to say, I like to be outside. See ya on the water!

P.S.- I talk more on the boat than on paper


If someone asked me to pick my ideal job, it would be to spend as much time on the river as possible and luckily I have the best job for that! I pilot the Summer Run as well as the Argo, one of our smaller boats named after the largest, most exciting class 3 rapid on our White Water Trip. Ironic right? After 13 years of piloting for Hellgate and I still enjoy meeting, entertaining, and exploring the Rogue River with our customers, because every day is a new adventure filled with fun, water and excitement. During the off-season I guide on all of the southern Oregon river systems, and if I'm not on the river you will find me at the golf course. Otherwise, I'm spending time with my family, grandchildren and our two chocolate labs, Brady and Molly. Check out the video, "Brady Molly dog wash."


I have been a commercial pilot for over 27 years, spending the last 25 with my Hellgate family. I am also the boat operations manager but most people refer to me as Doc and I can honestly say I never thought my summer job would become my career after graduating from college!

In the off-season, I enjoy traveling and the outdoors. I am a semi-retired wrestling official (34 years) and enjoy sports. In my spare time, I am an underwear model and also in training to be a cage fighter. This fall I intend to make a second attempt to summit Mt. Everest (I made it to Phoenix, AZ the first attempt). I really enjoy entertaining people and I am known for never letting a little lie get in the way of a good story.

Come see us this summer for the “experience of a lifetime” on the world famous “ Hellgate Jetboat Excursions.”
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